27 April 2022

Infographics on animal-free methods

To facilitate development, evaluation and formal validation of new animal-free test methods, we have produced infographics to visualise the process.

Illustration of two steps in a validation process. One step is showing four buildings in a circle to explain how an evaluation should be performed by many labs together. The other step is about independent scientific review and is illustrated with a magnifying glass.

Our stakeholders have posed issues on formal validation. The issues often relate to a lack of funding but also to a lack of clear and easily accessible information about the process and the requirements. Therefore, the Swedish 3Rs Center has produced infographics to visualise and explain the process.

Evaluation and formal validation

We have produced two infographics. One addresses key points and important documents with respect to development and evaluation of animal-free methods. It also describes when formal validation is needed. The other infographic focuses exclusively on the formal validation process.

Both infographics are produced in English.

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