17 May 2023

Open call for grants to replace animal experiments

The Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments awards grants to research projects aiming to develop new methods that can replace animal experiments. Their call for project grants 2024 is now open for applications.

Over the years the Swedish Fund for Research without Animal Experiments has supported and promoted alternatives in both basic and applied research in various areas, including diseases such as Alzheimers disease, diabetes and cancer and assays used for drug development. Replacing animal use in medical research is one of the main areas of support, with increased funding in recent years.

Impact on the Swedish research community

The grants are almost exclusively awarded to projects in Sweden or international projects including a Swedish partner. Other international projects that may have an impact on the Swedish research community, legislation or education may also be considered for funding.

The application form and instructions are in Swedish only, but the application can be completed in Swedish or English.

The call for applications closes on June 30 2023, at 16.00 (CET).

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