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The 3Rs worldwide

There are many organisations in the world working to replace animal experimentation, to reduce the number of animals being used and to improve animal welfare and reduce any suffering for the animals we still need to use.

We collect and disseminate information about other organisations working with the 3Rs. Many of them have really good online services and platforms. Most of these organisations communicate in English.

We also share information about national and international organisations that provide public information about animal experimentation or laboratory animal science.

3Rs organisations

There are many other 3Rs Centers in Europe. Some work with all the three R:s and some specifically towards one of the R:s. Some are based at research facilities or in research groups, other are networks and still others are located at and funded by the government, such as the Swedish 3Rs Center.

The Norwegian 3Rs platform Norecopa has produced an interactive map of 3Rs Centers worldwide. Most are in Europe.

We specifically want to highlight the 3Rs Centers in our Nordic neighbouring countries as well as the well-established 3Rs Center NC3Rs in the United Kingdom.

EU organisations

It is the EU Commission that coordinates the work with animal experimentation at a European level. The Commission provides information and statistics on animal use in the member states. They publish recommendations and guidelines and organize conferences and meetings.

The EU has a special reference laboratory that validates alternative methods. The laboratory is called EURL-ECVAM and shall promote development, dissemination and use of alternative methods and ways of work in the member states. They also run a network with laboratories from all member states. Sweden is represented by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The EU Commission together with companies and industry federations organizes a partnership for alternative approaches to animal testing, EPAA. The partnership aim to pool knowledge and resources to accelerate development, validation and acceptance of methods to replace, reduce and refine animal testing.

Laboratory animal science

We list Swedish and international organisations that work with laboratory animal science or education and training within this area.

A large part of the education and training in laboratory animal science is Sweden is organized by the Nordic consortium NCLASET.

The EU has a special platform to harmonise education and training for everyone who works with laboratory animals within the union. This platform is called ETPLAS and offer digital tools and resources online.

There are also other international organisations that work within this area: