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Notify quarantine pests

Do you suspect infesta­tion by a quaran­tine pest? If so, you must notify us. Use this form to notify us of a quaran­tine pest.

Complete and send the form to notify infesta­tion by a quaran­tine pest. When we have received your form, we will investigate and, if your suspicion is correct, we will take action.

  • Make sure to provide complete information and send clear pictures. This will help us in our investi­gation.
  • Does your notifi­cation concern an insect that you have managed to capture? If so, you can preserve it in a fridge. This will preserve the insect and make it easier for us to analyse it if we need to do so.
Your contact details * (mandatory)
Your contact details

What kind of pest do you wish to notify? * (mandatory)
What kind of pest do you wish to notify?

You may, for example, describe the colour, size and other characteristics of the pest.

Are there plants that appear to have been infested by the pest?  * (mandatory)
Are there plants that appear to have been infested by the pest?

State address, co-ordinates or other information that will enable us to find the location.

This might be, for example, an urban environment, a park, a new plantation, coniferous forest, deciduous forest or agricultural land.

Here you can attach pictures of the pest or infested plants.
Make sure that the pictures are sharp to enable us to see the pests and the damage clearly. Do include a coin or a pen in the same picture as an indicator of size; it will help us to see how large, for example, exit holes, stains or pests are.