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10 May 2021

Workshop & kick off: Replace strategy and networking activities

Now you can take the opportunity to influence a Swedish national Replace strategy. This interactive webinar will also be a kick off for our networking activities within Replace.

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Now you have the opportunity to influence a national Replace strategy.

We invite everyone that could take part in creating a Swedish national Replace strategy. This work will start on 10 May with an interactive webinar and workshop organized by the Swedish 3Rs Center.


The main event of this webinar will be a workshop where we gather your thoughts and ideas for a national Replace strategy. You will also learn more about our new LinkedIn group with focus on Replace and other ongoing initiatives to support networking and collaboration.

During the webinar, we will collect your preferences on topics for future seminars and workshops, and there will be time to mingle with new and old members of the already existing Replace network.

The idea to compile a national Replace strategy was initiated at a previous workshop organized by the Swedish 3Rs Center. At this workshop, the Replace network was also instated. The strategy is compiled by the Swedish 3Rs Center on behalf of the National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes.

Target group for this event

The webinar is directed towards researchers, industry, government agencies and others with an interest in animal-free methods for research, regulatory- or other purposes.

National network

In 2019 we instated a national network for researchers and government agencies with interest in animal-free methods for research, toxicity screening and regulatory purposes. The network should facilitate contact and exchange of information between researchers and government agencies. When registering for this webinar you will also have the opportunity to join the network.

Please register here no later than May 5

Date: May 10

Time: at 13.00-15.00 (1-3 PM, CET)

Location: Zoom

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