2 December 2021

Webinar series: Replacing basement membrane extracts

Together with some of our European colleagues from other 3Rs centres, we arrange a webinar series and a panel talk on how to replace basement membrane extracts.

Reliable and reproducible in vitro models are essential for replacing the use of animals in scientific procedures. The availability of complex 3D models, including organoids and microphysiological systems, has in recent years strengthened this replacement potential. However, many in vitro models are dependent on animal-derived products, for example to support cell growth or differentiation, which can show batch-to-batch variation and can involve animal suffering in their production. Replacing these with non-animal derived products provides an opportunity to increase the reproducibility of in vitro models and remove the use of animals completely.

Aim and dates

The series is aimed at researchers (academics, clinicians and industry), but also potentially regulators, funding organisations and publishers and is a chance to hear from experts from across the field, to pose questions and to be part of the wider discussions around the implementation of these alternatives.

The webinars will be held at 12.30 CET on the following dates: October 21, November 4, November 18 and the panel discussion on December 2. They will last for 60 to 90 minutes.

Information and registration is published on the NC3Rs website.

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