31 January 2023

Lunch webinar: Systematic reviews to reduce animal experimentation

The Swedish 3Rs Center welcomes you to a lunch webinar about how systematic reviews can replace and reduce the use of animals in research. Welcome on January 31!

We have invited Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga who is Professor in Evidence-Based Transition to Animal-Free Innovations at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She will talk about how we can improve the use of scientific evidence and use systematic reviews to reduce animal experimentation. The title of her talk is: How can we improve the use of scientific evidence towards animal-testing free science?

The aim of the webinar is to inspire you to use available scientific evidence more efficient to reduce and replace animals in research when possible.

Target group

The webinar is directed towards everyone that in different forms work with research.

Please register here no later than January 30 at 12 pm

Date: January 31

Time: 12.00-13.00 CET, Swedish time

Location: Zoom

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