28 September 2020

Webinar series: 3Rs across Europe

Together with other 3Rs Centers in Europe we have arranged a webinar series about the 3Rs and European research.

Sex organisationers logotyper samlade intill varandra på tre rader. Flera logotyper innehåller begreppet 3R.

Six European 3Rs organisations arranged a webinar series on 3Rs and research in September 2020.

Europe is home to a vibrant 3Rs community with a range of organisations who fund or promote science and technology developments that lead to opportunities to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in research. The webinars aimed to highlight the 3Rs community and all good research that is being done!

We presented 12 different speakers from six countries, who talked about their research within the three Rs (replace, reduce and refine). The Swedish 3Rs Center hosted the webinar one day and had two speakers on one of the other days.

Swedish participation

The Swedish 3Rs Center presented two speakers; Per E Ljung, PhD and one of the staff at the center. Per has worked with a project on tagging and marking fish, together with several Swedish experts. Per tells about the project and the guidelines that came out of the work, that were published by the 3Rs Center in June.

The other speaker was Gunnar Cedersund, associate professor at Linköping University and member of the Swedish national committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. Gunnar talks about the digital twin that he and his research group has developed. Connecting big data into a digital model could replace certain animal experiments.


All lectures were recorded and can still be seen.

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