2 March 2021

Recommendations on group housing of male mice

The Swedish 3Rs Center has recently published recommendations on group housing of male mice to avoid aggression. Our recommendations are now published in English.

Aggression in group housed male mice is a common problem in laboratory animal facilities. This causes animal stress and risk for injuries, which ultimately leads to a negative impact on research results. The Swedish National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes has identified this problem as an important field of activity for the Swedish 3Rs Center.

The project was finished and published in Swedish in December 2020. The collected data and knowledge base resulted in seven recommendations and a project report. The recommendations are also published as an A3 poster to print.

Recommendations based on collected data

During 2018-2020, we have worked with external experts to collect a broad knowledge base on the matter, which mainly consists of accumulated experience of staff at Swedish laboratory animal facilities. Based on the collected data we have compiled recommendations aimed at preventing aggression in group housed male mice and thus improve animal welfare, the working environment and, consequently, the quality of research.

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