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11 March 2021

Workshop in Refinement techniques

The Swedish 3Rs Center will arrange digital workshops within refinement techniques this year. The first one to take place is in Linköping, followed by Umeå and Lund.

A white rat is sitting in the begloved hand of a caretaker

The Swedish 3Rs Center will hold digital workshops on refinement techniques for rats and mice.

A lot has happened within the refinement area in regards to animal handling in later years. One example is how laboratory animal technicians reduce stress for mice by avoiding lifting them by the tail.

Co-workers at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden have contributed significantly to this development in Sweden as well as in several other countries.

RISE have also developed training schemes for mice and rats. These training schemes allow researchers and animal technicians to handle and perform necessary procedures on the animals, such as give injections and withdraw blood, without ever having to use force or restraint. In fact, the animals seem to enjoy interactions with the handlers.

Refinement techniques for mice and rats

With the goal to inspire more people to use different refinement techniques in Sweden, the National Committee initiated a work with RISE to educate animal technicians and researchers on refinement techniques for mice and rats. We have adapted the material to enable digital workshops during the ongoing pandemic.

We also want to assess the impact of such training, for future reference. The basis for this will be the difference in responses to a survey issued to the participants before and again after the educational sessions.

The upcoming digital workshops are:

    • Linköping, April 15
    • Umeå, May 6
    • Lund, June 9

    Interested in having a workshop at your workplace?

    More workshops are planned to be held during the autumn. If you and your workplace are interested in having a workshop, please contact the Swedish 3Rs Center.

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