10 December 2021

Focus on wildlife and the 3Rs

In our latest edition of Focus on the 3Rs you will find articles about wild animals and research. We have talked to several experts about this special research field.

The December issue of our focus letter Focus on the 3Rs will give you an overview on research with wild animals and wildlife management. You will also take part of some individueal researchers' work and their thoughts on the replacement issue.

We present a regular member in the National Committe for the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes – Erika Roman at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University. Erika has been a member of the Committe since the 3Rs Center started and she has lots of experiences when it comes to animal welfare and the 3Rs.

The responsible government agency for wildlife management is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and we have asked them about the research funding they administer. They also describe their work on approval of traps with respect to animal welfare.


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