31 January 2022

International Laboratory Animal Technician Week

The first week in February is the international week for laboratory animal technicians. This calls for celebration and activities.

Three individuals dressed in protection clothes, face masks, gloves and hair nets are standing next to each other, all of them holding a white rat. One of the rats are climbing from one of the caretakers to another one.

Animal technicians are acknowledged at the International Laboratory Animal Technician Week in February.

The International Laboratory Animal Technician Week is an annual week to draw attention to the important work of laboratory animal technicians and their importance in research. The concept started in the US in 1999 and is now known in large parts of the world.

The week is always the first week of February. We at the Swedish 3Rs Center will pay attention to animal technicians and their work with various activities. We are kicking off on Monday 31 January.

Lunch webinar and good ideas

For example, we arrange a lunch webinar this week, where some animal technicians share their experiences. The webinar will also be a kick-off for the new network for animal technicians and caretakers, which the 3Rs Center has initiated at request.

We also share suggestions for activities that quite easy can be done at a workplace. Here are some of them:

  • Invite a researcher who has or has had a close collaboration with the animal technicians at the department, to tell how they have contributed to the research
  • Let an animal technician go side-by-side with a researcher, for example by following a biopsy path from the mouse's ear to completed genotyping
  • Invite employees to breakfast, lunch or coffee
  • Run a quiz for animal technicians and researchers about laboratory animal knowledge, 3Rs and the workplace; give the animal technicians a chance to show their skill and area of ​​knowledge
  • Suggest a film time together: The Laboratory Rat: A Natural History by Manuel Berdoy, available at Youtube.

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