14 February 2022

Horizon Europe with the 3Rs in focus

The EU's ninth framework programme for research and innovation is called Horizon Europe and has a budget of €95.5 billion. The Swedish 3Rs Center has compiled grants with possibilities and relevance for the 3Rs.

Horizon Europe is the EU's ninth framework programme for research and innovation, which runs from 2021 to 2027. It is the successor to the previous funding programme Horizon 2020.

The budget is €95.5 billion, which includes €5.4 billion from EU recovery programme from the covid-19 crisis.

What is the purpose of Horizon Europe?

The aim of the programme is to strengthen the EU's scientific and technological base, support research and innovation from idea to the market and complement national and regional funding. The programme also contributes to achieving UN’s sustainable development goals and promotes competitiveness and growth.

Horizon Europe will ensure that the EU's work in science and technology makes a difference in addressing major global challenges in critical areas such as healthcare, safety, pollution and climate change.

What does Horizon Europe include?

The framework programme Horizon Europe consists of three pillars:

  • Pillar 1: scientific excellence
  • Pillar 2: global challenges and European industrial competitiveness
  • Pillar 3: an innovative Europe.

Pillar 1

This pillar supports high-quality basic research through the European Research Council and increases investment in research infrastructure. This pillar also includes the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions that fund the mobility, education and career development of researchers.

Pillar 2

Pillar 2 supports research and innovation related to societal challenges and technologies in areas distributed into six clusters: 1) health, 2) culture, 3) civil security, 4) digital technologies and industry, 5) climate, energy and mobility, 6) food, natural resources, agriculture and environment.

This pillar also covers activities carried out by the EU Commission's Joint Research Centre. In addition to clusters, there are also five missions with specific goals.

Pillar 3

The third pillar focuses on increased impact and breakthrough innovation and includes the establishment of the European Innovation Council. The Council offers a single point of contact for innovators with great potential to create markets for the future.

What are the terms for Swedish participation in Horizon Europe?

The Government has decided on a national strategy for Swedish participation with the aim of strengthening Swedish participation and consolidate Sweden's position as a leading knowledge and research nation. Sweden aims to have a high level of participation and to be granted more than 3.7% of the total funding.

How is the program relevant for the 3Rs?

Through participation in the programme you can receive funding to develop, validate or use animal-free methods. Furthermore you have an opportunity to contribute to different objectives in the programme by using alternative methods to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments.

What grants are available for research that supports or promotes the 3Rs?

Within Pillar 2 among societal challenges, there are several defined projects with focus on the 3Rs. These are projects with an emphasis on the environment, health and new technologies or materials. In Horizon Europe's work programme for each cluster we have identified 3Rs relevant projects with open call for proposal in 2022.

We have listed all projects with relevance for the 3Rs, subject, deadline and national contact points. Every project has a national contact point to offer guidance, practical information and assistance for participation in Horizon Europe.

Grants for research that supports and promotes the 3Rs
Relevance for the 3RsCall for proposalDeadlineNational Contact Point
Hazard and toxicity prediction in material designHORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-23: Safe- and sustainable-by-design organic and hybrid coatings30 March 2022

Vinnova, cluster 4

Swedish Research Council, cluster 4

Nanotoxicology, development, validation and proposal of tests to OECDHORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-35: Advanced characterisation methodologies to assess and predict the health and environmental risks of nanomaterials5 April 2022

Vinnova, cluster 4

Swedish Research Council, cluster 4

Machine learning and AI for regulatory decision makingHORIZON-HLTH-2022-TOOL-11-02: New methods for the effective use of real-world data and/or synthetic data in regulatory decision-making and/or in health technology assessment21 April 2022

Vinnova, cluster 1

Swedish Research Council, cluster 1

Bioelectronics, bioengineering, sensors, grapheneHORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-19: 2D materials-based devices and systems for biomedical applications16 November 2022

Vinnova, cluster 4

Swedish Research Council, cluster 4


HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-06: Pushing the limit of physical intelligence and performance

16 November 2022

Vinnova, cluster 4

Swedish Research Council, cluster 4

Artificial intelligence (AI)

HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-02-02: European Network of AI Excellence Centres: Expanding the European AI lighthouse

16 November 2022

Vinnova, cluster 4

Swedish Research Council, cluster 4

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