25 March 2022

Focus on the 3Rs: Validation

In our first edition of Focus on the 3Rs in 2022 we give you an insight into the system for development, evaluation and validation of in vitro methods.

Solid evaluations of a new test method are crucial to gain trust and acceptance from those who will use it. Methods intended for regulatory risk assessment also has to undergo a formal validation. We try to sort these concepts out and we highlight the need for collaboration to speed things up concerning a transition to a more human-based research and to reduce the use of animals for scientific purposes.

The Swedish context

You will learn more about the Swedish 3Rs Center’s resources within this area and how we try to connect stakeholders for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Since last fall, the 3Rs Center is appointed the national contact point for the European PARERE network, which is presented in this focus letter. We have talked to Kaisa Askevik at the Center about the recent PARERE meeting.

You will also meet our new National Committee member Sofia Kamlund, an engineer with expertise in nanotechnology and intellectual property rights.

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