26 April 2022

National Committee's annual report

The Swedish National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes has published its annual report.

Every year the National Committee presents the ongoing work within the Committee and the Swedish 3Rs Center in an annual report. In 2021 a new Committee was installed. Many members continue as regular, some are new and some completed their assignment. The new Committee is presented in more detail in the annual report.

Portfolio management

The National Committee also changed its way of working by introducing portfolio management. This means that all operational work is organized in two portfolios with one responsible Committee member for each portfolio, and the strategic work in a third portfolio with all members.

A digital transition

The year 2021 was also affected by the pandemic. We made a big transition to digital activities already in 2020 and we have since then been able to offer more activities for more participants than we could have done with physical meetings. The first physical meeting in 2021 was held in October. A two-day meeting and workshop for the National Committee at the Swedish Board of Agriculture's new head office in Jönköping. We also had a physical meeting for all animal welfare bodies in Stockholm in November.

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