28 June 2022

Focus on the 3Rs: Education and training

In our latest edition of Focus on the 3Rs we highlight the education and training infrastructure in Sweden when it comes to laboratory animals.

Everyone working with laboratory animals must have proper education and continue to train throughout their professional life. The 3Rs are essential parts of both basic education and continuous training for updates. However, knowledge about scientific methods, animal models and non-animal models are important to learn even at younger ages.

In our June edition of Focus on the 3Rs we highlight education and training on all levels; from primary school to advanced professional level. The Swedish 3Rs Center offers resources on all levels, which we describe in the focus letter. You can also learn about other national and European resources.

We have interviewed two regular members of the Swedish National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes: Madeleine Le Grevès and Leif Carlsson, who are both involved in education and training in Sweden.

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