Publiceringsdatum1 February 2023

A new national committee is installed

Each member state in the European Union shall have a national committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. On the 1st of February the Swedish Board of Agriculture installed a new committee for a period of two years.

The National Committee shall promote and coordinate the 3Rs work together with our stakeholders; animal welfare bodies, ethic committees on animal experiments, other authorities, researchers and associations. It shall collaborate with partners and other national committees in Europe. It is the Swedish Board of Agriculture that installs the National Committee.

The National Committee is acting as a steering group for the Swedish 3Rs Center.

National Committee 2023–2025

The new national committee is elected for two years:

  • Jan Cedervärn, Swedish Board of Agriculture, chair
  • Anders Forslid, Lund University, vice chair
  • Elin Nyman, Linköping University, regular member
  • Elin Törnqvist, National Veterinary Institute, regular member
  • Helena Elofsson, Swedish Board of Agriculture, regular member
  • Ivan Nalvarte, Karolinska Institutet, regular member
  • Karin Gabrielson Morton, Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments (Forska Utan Djurförsök), regular member
  • Katarina Cvek, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, regular member
  • Kristina Fant, Key2Compliance, regular member
  • Lars Bräutigam, Karolinska Institutet, regular member
  • Lotte Martoft, industry consultant, regular member
  • Madeleine Le Grevès, Uppsala University, regular member

  • Emma Brunberg, Animal Welfare Sweden (Djurskyddet Sverige), alternate member
  • Oskar Karlsson, Stockholm University, alternate member
  • Sara Barr, University of Gothenburg, alternate member
  • Sofia Östman, AstraZeneca, alternate member

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