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Films about replacing animal models

By producing short films, the Swedish 3Rs Center wants to visualise and create interest to try methods that have replaced animal experiments.

A man sits in the middle of a film recording. Cameras and light bulbs are surrounding him.

This fall, the 3Rs Center has made a film about stem cell research at Lund University.

One of the tasks of the 3Rs Center is to share knowledge about the 3Rs to our target groups. To explain how a research method actually works and how to use it is not possible in short. By producing short films, we try to visualise and create interest for others to try a method. We have produced several films to present methods that have replaced certain animal models, such as computational models and advanced cell models.

Our films are meant to serve as a starting point in dialogues or talks about the best method for a specific research question and potential alternatives to animal testing. We use them in seminars and other educational activities, to trigger discussions with different target groups and stakeholders.

In 2023 we have produced a film presenting researchers at Lund Stem Cell Center; they explain how they use pluripotent stem cells to develop neurons (astrocytes), for use in research about neurodegenerative diseases. These cell models have replaced the use of rodents. The film will be released in 2024.

Perspectives and voices

We have also produced a longer film in which we interview representatives from the academy, the industry, authorities, funding bodies, the politics and drug development. They all give their reflections on possibilities, challenges and time space when it comes to replacing animal models.

Some voices from the film:

— As a researcher, I think the biggest advantage of alternatives to animal testing is that it makes you reflect upon your choice of model, the best model, to answer a research question. So really, it's about scientific quality.

— Today, universities have an infrastructure to make it easy to perform animal experiments. There are animal houses, there are superintendents, there are regulations that have been set up. There are people dedicated to work with all this. Building the same infrastructure, but for alternatives to animal testing, is an important change that needs to be done.

— As a politician, it is important that you continue to pursue issues. If it is something you are really passionate about, then it is also important that you have patience and also persevere. It is about increasing knowledge in general in society, but it is also about increasing knowledge among politicians.

— As a researcher, I can do more things like this – which is to explain. What can the alternative methods do? What can they not do? What are their limitations and how do they work?

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