Publiceringsdatum3 May 2024

A Swedish strategy to replace animal experimentation

The Swedish National Committee and its executive body the Swedish 3Rs Center are dedicated to work with all three Rs – replacement, reduction and refinement. The Committee has now developed a strategy to guide its own work with replacement of animal experimentation.

For a long time, the Swedish 3Rs Center has collected and processed information from various target groups with the aim of developing a strategy to guide the National Committee’s work to replace animal experimentation.

The strategy will be used when the Committee plans its activities towards replacement of animal experimentation. It should also be used as a starting point for dialogue and collaboration with and between other relevant stakeholders.

Within the strategy, the Committee has postulated three overall focus areas:

  • Knowledge and collaboration on animal-free research shall increase
  • Animal-free methods shall be developed and evaluated at a faster pace
  • Animal-free methods shall be implemented and replace animal experimentation as soon as scientifically possible

Within each focus area there are goals and examples of concrete actions to speed up the process of replacing animal experimentation as soon as it is scientifically possible. The goals and many of the actions cannot be realized by the Committee itself but require contacts, discussions and good relations with many other stakeholders.

The complete report

The complete strategic document is only available in Swedish.

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