Notify imports of fresh fruit, vege­tables and other plant products, and wood packa­ging material

The Swedish Board of Agri­culture shall be notified of imports of fresh fruit, vege­tables, plants, and plant products for plant health or quality check. Used agri­cultural and forestry machi­nery shall also be notified. This applies to imports to Sweden from a country outside the EU.

Notifi­cation to be made in Traces

As an importer or an agent, you must register your consign­ment in the web-based system Traces. In order to use Traces, you need an EU login and access to Traces. You will log in and submit your import notifi­cation, which is called a Common Health Entry Document for Plants and Plant products (CHED-PP).

If you are a private citizen, you can e-mail us for more informa­tion about how to proceed.

How to fill in a registra­tion in Traces

You need the commodity code (CN number/HS/tariff code) for all pro­ducts that are in­cluded in the consignment. The commodity codes can be found on the web­site of the Swedish Customs. If you are registering plant products, you will also need to know the botanical name for your products. These are stated on the phyto­sanitary certifi­cate.

Phyto­sanitary certifi­cate

Many fruits, vege­tables, plants and plant products require a phyto­sanitary certificate to be allowed to be imported from a country outside the EU to a country in the EU. A phyto­sanitary certificate is a document issued in the exporting country and which certifies that the consign­ment complies with the recipient country’s require­ments that it is free of plant pests.

Electronic phyto­sanitary certificates in Traces

Some countries can issue electronic phyto­sanitary certificates in Traces. An electronic phyto­sanitary certificate is valid when it is digitally signed. There is a list of countries that can issue valid electronic phyto­sanitary certificates. The list is con­tinuously extended.

If there is a valid electronic phyto­sanitary certificate in Traces it will replace the paper copy, which means that you do not have to present the paper copy to the Swedish Board of Agriculture. However, the person who creates the CHED-PP must link the electronic phyto­sanitary certificate to the CHED-PP.

Please read the manual about where to find the electronic phyto­sanitary certificates in Traces and how to link an electronic phyto­sanitary certificate to a CHED-PP.

If you have questions about electronic phyto­sanitary certificates in Traces, you may contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

You must register your consign­ment in time and notify of any changes

You must register your import in time and if there are any changes you must notify us. You can find information about the applicable require­ments on the page about phyto­sanitary certificates.

Fees for import check

There is a fee for the import check. You will find information about the fees on the page about phyto­sanitary certificates.

There is currently no fee for checks of wood packaging materials from Belarus, India and China.

Unavailability of Traces

If Traces is not available for more than one hour, you can send us an e-mail and we will let you know how to proceed to register the consign­ment.

Revision date: 2024-05-08

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