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All aquaculture establish­ments which are registered, and in many cases also approved according to the EU Animal Health Law (AHL), are registered in the aquaculture establishment register.

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The establishments are registered when this is required by the EU animal health regulations. The requirements for such a registration and the requirements for aquaculture permits, which are managed by the county administrative board, do not correspond exactly.

Health statuses

The health status "declared disease-free" is only used when Sweden has a disease-free status for the disease in the territory in question.

When Sweden has an eradication program for a disease the health status "eradication program" is used. When relevant, this status is changed to "under investigation", "under restrictions" or "infected". This applies to BKD in the continental zone and to IPN in the coastal zone. The status "eradication program" does not mean that un infection is present at the establishment in question.

Since Sweden has neither a free status nor an eradication program for BKD in the coastal zone, establish­ments in the coastal zone with species susceptible to BKD receive the health status "no health status". For diseases for which Sweden has neither a free status nor an eradication program, no health status is indicated.

Questions about specific aquaculture permits

You can contact the local county administrative board for answers to questions that pertain to specific cultivation permits.

Revision date: 2024-04-09

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