Organic Milk Production in the Nordic countries

Welcome to the 9th annual network meeting, 10‑11 September 2024, in Hässleholm, Sweden!

Are you an advisor working with or being interested in organic milk production? Now, you have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with colleagues from the other Nordic countries.

The location for the meeting

The location for the meeting is hotel Statt Hässleholm with surroundings. The meeting will start on Tuesday morning with a study tour to three different organic dairy farms. On Wednesday the meeting will be in Hässleholm and will finish at 15.00.

The seminar language is English.

As a bonus it will be possible to visit a field-trial area with different grass- and legume seed mixtures on Monday evening, departure 16.30 from Hässleholm.

The theme of the meeting

The meeting theme is “Sustainable organic dairy production: Climate, biodiversity, seminatural pastures and cow-calf systems”.

The first day of the meeting (Tuesday) we will visit local organic dairy farms to see how they work with climate prevention and adaptation and seminatural pastures. We will also visit one farm with cow-calf systems. A presentation will be held by Sigrid Agenäs at SLU, about research in cow-calf systems and the knowledge centre SustAinimal, with focus on the production animals' future role.

The second day of the meeting (Wednesday) we will dig deeper into the subject. We will hear about climate- and sustainability calculations, and the connection between climate and biodiversity. We will also discuss ecosystem services and how farms can adapt to a changing climate, and also how to use less soya in the feed ration.

Agenda for the meeting

Tuesday 10th of September

8.00 Departure from Hotel Statt Hässleholm

  • We visit Wanås gods. Stables and seminatural pastures. Farm climate calculations.
  • Presentation by Sigrid Agenäs, SLU.
    • The knowledge centre SustAinimal: The production animals' future role in competitive Swedish food systems.
    • Opportunities and challenges for sustainable dairy production with cow and calf systems.
  • We visit Tockarp farm. Experiences from systems with cow and calf together. Feeding without soya. The farmers from Skarmansmåla farm will join and present experience from their system with cow and calf together.
  • We visit Björketorp farm. Seminatural pastures, renewable energy, various activities.

19.15 Dinner

Wednesday 11th of September

8.00 – 15.00

  • Brief: How is the situation for organic milk in the Nordic countries?
  • Anna Ekman Nilsson, Skånemejerier, Lis Eriksson, Jordbruksverket. Climate and sustainability calculations.
  • Pernilla Tidåker, SLU. Ecosystem services in dairy production.
  • Johan Ahnström, Jordbruksverket. Climate change and biodiversity in the agriculture landscape.
  • Katarina Gran, Växa Sverige. Climate adaptation on dairy farms.
  • Niels Andresen, HIR Skåne. On-farm trials with low protein concentrate for organic dairy cows and ley composition for this strategy.
  • Group discussions, take home messages.

Read more about the farms

Information och registration

Date: 10–11 September 2024

Place: Hotel Statt, Hässleholm

Conference fee

The Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket) handles the costs for the meeting. The cost for the meals served during the meeting will be invoiced in advance, 1500 SEK excluding VAT. If you cancel your place at the meeting after August 25, we will not be able to refund you.

The dinner on Monday evening is not included. If you want to dine this evening you reserve this with the hoteI in advance.


Book your room at Hotel Statt Hässleholm with the booking code #348667 to get the agreed price 1317 SEK, including VAT.

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