Databases and online resources

The Swedish 3Rs Center has made an inventory of online resources related to the 3Rs with focus on replacement.

The development of replacement methods are receiving more and more interest as new possibilities become available in areas where animal tests are used today. But how can you find them and how do you apply them to your research?

Several 3Rs information hubs and libraries have developed search guides to plan, build and conduct a structured literature search specific to finding 3Rs methods.

The Swedish 3Rs Center has made an inventory of online resources related to the 3Rs, with focus on replacement. This list consists of some of the currently available resources and does not claim to be exhaustive. If nothing else is mentioned the sources are free to use, but some articles or methods might need payment to buy or read in full text.

Search guides

You can have good use of a search guide, it might be just as handy as the database itself. We list some useful search guides that help you do a systematic search for an alternative method.

Databases for replacement

We list the databases in categories according to research field and organisations. For example both EU and OECD have resources for alternative methods.

Regulatory and toxicity testing

EU resources

EU sets an ultimate goal for full replacement of all animals that are used for scientific purposes. An important part of this is to validate new methods and make them known and accessible to researchers. EU runs a reference laboratory and a European science center. They both offer databases and e-resources for alternative methods.

OECD resources

The Organisation for economic Cooperation and Development OECD works internationally to promote economic growth in its member states. They offer some good resources when it comes to replacement.

Contact us

You can contact us at the Swedish 3Rs Center if you want to know more or if you have any questions.

Revision date: 2023-01-11