Share organs and tissues

As a researcher, you often use only one or two organs from an animal in your experiment and discard the rest of the body. Many organs could be used by other researchers instead of being left unused.

If you share organs and data, the number of animals used in experiments and the number of animals bred for experiments can be reduced.

According to the EU Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes, we shall promote the development of programs for shared use of organs and tissues of animals that are killed.

We collect information about services and resources that help researchers to share organs and tissues.

Resources for sharing


Animatch is an online sharing-platform where you can connect and share organs with other researchers. You can register online or contact Animatch for a customized in-house solution for internal exchange at your research facility or to make an exchange between 2-3 organizations.


An online platform that allows secure sharing of tissues from mouse models related to breast cancer. SEARCHBreast allows for you to share material from your in vivo breast cancer models. You can also request material from other researchers. By sharing your models we can advance breast cancer research.

Models in Translational Oncology

A platform for the exchange of preclinical model data for translational cancer research. You can register your models or search in the platform for other models. MiTO have three categories of models; cell lines, animal lines and tumour models.

Revision date: 2023-01-11