Apply for a phyto­sanitary certificate

If you intend to export plants, seed or other plant products which are regulated in the recipient country’s plant protection legi­slation, you need to apply for a phyto­sanitary certificate. This applies when you are exporting to a country outside the EU.

There are two different e‑services. Which one to use is decided by which country you are exporting to.

Paper certificates to most countries

For all countries, except the United Kingdom, Argentina and Panama, you should use the e‑service ”Phyto” to apply for phytosanitary certificates in paper form.

Register to be able to use the e-service

To be able to use the e-service "Phyto", you must first be a registered user. Fill in the registration form, sign it and e-mail it to us.

When we have registered you in the system, you will receive an auto­matically generated pass­word sent to your registered e-mail address.

How you apply for a certifi­cate

When you apply for a phyto­sanitary certificate, your appli­cations are saved in a data­base which you can later use to copy information when you are applying again.

Once you have submitted your appli­cation, you will be forwarded to a new page in the e-service, where you may submit attach­ments. Press the Attach button. You can only make attach­ments once you have sent in your definitive appli­cation. When you submit attach­ments via the e-service, you do not need to e-mail them to us.

Service information: There is currently no downtime planned.

Electronic certificates to the United Kingdom, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico

From the 1st of July 2023 it is mandatory to apply for electronic phytosanitary certificates (ePhyto) via the EU common system TRACES NT for consignments being exported to the United Kingdom, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Manuals för exporters

There are currently no manuals in English specifically for exporters. If you need help registering in TRACES NT and applying for an electronic phytosanitary certificate, please contact us.

There is a general manual from the European commission that you can use.

Submit your appli­cation on time

You must send in an appli­cation for a certifi­cate at the latest five business days before your planned export. The consign­ment must be available for an export check at the latest three business days before your planned export.

Fees for a phyto­sanitary certifi­cate and pre‑export certifi­cate

The fee for pro­cessing an appli­cation for a phyto­sanitary certifi­cate and pre‑export certifi­cate is SEK 450 per certifi­cate.

If the certificate concerns any of the following categories, the fee is instead SEK 350:

  • frozen fruit, berries and vege­tables
  • cut fruit and vegetables
  • peat moss and substrate products
  • starch products.

If processing a certifi­cate takes more than an hour, a fee of SEK 950 for each initiated hour will be charged. To reduce the need for a long pro­cessing time, it is important that you ensure that your appli­cation is complete with the required docu­mentation when you submit it.

An additional fee will be due if we check your consign­ment prior to export. The cost of export checks that take at most two hours is SEK 3,000. If the checks take longer, an additional SEK 950 for each initiated hour will be charged.

More information about phyto­sanitary certifi­cates

You can read more about the different types of certifi­cates that are used when exporting on our page about the import and export of plants, plant products and other items.

Contact us if you have questions

For questions about phytosanitary certificates you are welcome to contact us.

For technical questions concerning TRACES NT, you are welcome to contact the TRACES support team.

Revision date: 2024-01-12

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