European Innovation Partnership Scheme

Collaborate with Swedish farmers, advisors and researchers to develop innovative solutions and research results and turn ideas into actions.

What is EIP-AGRI

The European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) provides support to projects which show innovation in linking research with farming practices. A new innovative idea can be a new product, practice, service, production process or a new way of organising things, and so on. The Common Agricultural Policy offers opportunities for setting up and provides grant funding to EIP-AGRI Operational Groups to help projects that aim to improve productivity and sustainability.

The aim of EIP-Agri is to take research and develop it into a solution for a recognised industry problem in a new and innovative way. Its aim is not to fund primary or additional research.

Operational Groups

EIP-AGRI Operational Groups are project based. Operational Groups (OGs) bring together farmers, advisors and researchers but also business representatives, environmental groups, NGOs, consumer interest groups and other innovators. A minimum of two entities must be involved in the OG.

Find the key actors that are in the best position to realise the project’s goals. By collaborating with Swedish farmers, advisors and/ or researchers in OGs you can explore opportunities and find practical solutions to problems and challenges faced by European farmers in the agricultural, horticultural and reindeer sector.

An OG is meant to be 'operational' and tackle a certain practical problem or opportunity, a 'need from practice', that may lead to an innovative solution. Therefore, projects have to draw up a plan, that describes their specific project and the expected results. Furthermore, the Operational Groups have to disseminate the results of their project, in particular through the EIP-AGRI network.

Contact us

Our innovation support facilities can offer support in the early stages of your project. They are happy to talk to you about the prospects of developing your idea into action and may also be able to give advice on other actors that may be interested in your project. Our advisors will give guidance on how to design an innovation project and apply for funding from the EIP scheme. They may also be able to advise on available research results and past experiences. Not all projects meet the criteria of EIP-AGRI and the advisors may advise you to explore other funding opportunities instead.

Our team of advisors have a variety of expertise and backgrounds but they are all available to answer general questions about the EIP-AGRI scheme. All of our advisors are bound by professional secrecy and the services are free of charge.

Contact us by phone between the hours of 8.00–17.00 or by e-mail.

Animal husbandry and other topics in general

Inger Pehrson

Technology and energy engineering

Ragni Andersson


Lisa Blix Germundsson

Crop Production

Nilla Nilsdotter-Linde

Calls to support collaboration and turn innovative ideas into actions

The Swedish Board of Agriculture provides grant funding to support projects in implementing innovative ideas and welcomes applications from multi-actor projects with a Swedish partner as the main applicant in our open or upcoming thematic calls. The calls are announced on our webpage for announcements and calls for tenders.

Be inspired by some EIP projects

Many different EIP projects have been implemented in agriculture, gardening and reindeer husbandry. In the videos, you can see some examples of projects that have been made possible thanks to EIP funding

Break box

Climate smart premium products – for increased competition and better environment

Profitable Reindeer Herding

Arctic Winery – Development of sparkling fruit wine based on black currants

Improved quality by a supply chain management program for lambmeat in Sweden

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