Authorisations, notifications and registrations

On this page we present information about authorisations, notifications and registrations required by an EU Directive on services in the internal market, the so-called Services Directive.

Plan and guidelines for breeders´associations

Organisations or associations that want to become approved breeders´ organisations or studbook-keeping associations need to apply to the Board of Agriculture, which approves the plan and the guidelines for the activities.

Insemination and embryo activities

People who intend to handle semen, ova or embryos need a licence from the Board of Agriculture. This licence can comprise, among other things, collection and treatment of semen, insemination, collecting ova or embryos, treating embryos for fresh insemination, and inserting embryos into recipient animals. People who trade in semen, ova or embryos also need to apply for a licence.

Sheep and goats


Bovine animals


Activities involving laboratory animals

You need a licence from the Board of Agriculture both for using and for breeding laboratory animals. Before the animal experiment begins, an ethical committee must approve it.

There are also rules that say that facilities in which laboratory animals are kept must be approved by the Board of Agriculture. When new facilities are built or existing ones are rebuilt, they need to be approved before they are put to use. This also applies in case you change your facilities in any way.

Expert on jointly owned drainage systems

Authorisation for experts on jointly owned drainage systems. To act as an expert on jointly owned drainage systems in environmental court you need authorisation. You apply for authorisation from the Board of Agriculture. To get authorisation you will need to have an approved education in Sweden or any other EEA country, EEA being the European Economic Area of cooperation that comprises the EU Member States as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Where to send your application

Swedish Board of Agriculture
551 82 Jönköping

E-mail to the registrar of the Board of Agriculture.

Revision date: 2023-04-12

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