3Rs in the world

There are many organisations in the world working to replace animal experiments, to reduce the number of animals being used and to make animal welfare as good as possible and the suffering as mild as possible for the experimental animals we still need to use.

We collect and disseminate information from other organisations working with the 3Rs. Many of them have really good online services and platforms. Most of these organisations communicate in English. We also share information from organisations within laboratory animal science and -medicine.

We also collect Swedish organisations and platforms that have public information about animal experiments and animal welfare.

3Rs organisations

This is where we list organisations that just like the Swedish 3Rs Center work to replace animal experiments, to reduce the number of animals being used in experiments and to refine animal welfare and reduce the suffering for animals being used. We have listed organisations comparable to us, but add something to our resources. Some of them have been active for many years and are really strong in the 3Rs field.

3Rs organisations with focus on Replacement

Some 3Rs Centers are mainly working with replacing animal experiments and the Replacement R i the 3Rs.

EU organisations

It is the EU Commission that coordinates the work with animal testing at a European level. The Commission works with communications and statistics on the use of animals in the member states. They publish recommendations and guidelines and they organize conferences and meetings.

EU has a special reference laboratory that validates new alternative methods. The lab is called EURL-ECVAM and shall promote development, dissemination and use of alternative methods and ways of work in the member states. They also run a network with labs from all EU states. Sweden is represented by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

EU also has a special platform to harmonise education and training for everyone who works with laboratory animals within the union. This platform is called ETPLAS and they offer digital tools and resources online.

Laboratory Animal Medicine

There are organisations aimed for you who work as a laboratory animal veterinarian. We have listed som useful websites.

Revision date: 2023-10-10