Application for a license or approval of animal health staff

The Swedish Board of Agriculture is the authority issuing licenses and approvals of animal health staff members. You apply for a license or approval by using our e-service.

Service information: There is currently no downtime planned.

You can use this electronic application form to apply for any of the following:

  • License as a veterinary surgeon
  • License as a veterinary nurse
  • Approval as a farrier
  • Approval as a licensed dentist
  • Approval as a licensed physiotherapist

Before applying, please make sure you have read the information on our webpage about Animal health staff and have the required documents available as an electronic version.

Her you can find an estimation of expected time for the assessment process.

Application fee

In order for us to assess your application, you have to pay an application fee. This is done at the end of the electronic application form by card payment.

The application fee for a veterinary license, a veterinary nurse license and approval as a farrier is 1 660 SEK.

The application fee for approval as a licensed dentist or licensed physiotherapist is 870 SEK.

How we handle your personal data

The Swedish Board of Agriculture processes the personal data that you provide for the purposes of registering and handling data for decision-making, follow-up and supervision.

The legal basis for processing your personal data is the exercise of authority. The data is processed electronically. The personal data we process about you is shared with other authorities for similar purposes in accordance with what follows from EU legislation, law or regulation.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture will store your personal data in accordance with what applies to authorities' archive management. Please contact our customer service if you wish to have access to the personal data we process about you.

Revision date: 2023-06-14

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