Exemptions from plant health rules for importing or movement of plants, plant products, soil, etc. for scientific purposes

You apply here for an exemption from the plant health regulation. The purpose of the derogation is enabling import of various materials for scientific purposes that would otherwise be prohibited.

Service information: There is currently no downtime planned.

You can apply for derogations from the:

  • requirement for a phytosanitary certificate
  • prohibition against importing certain plants, plant products, soil, growing media and EU quarantine pests from countries outside the EU
  • requirement for a plant passport
  • prohibition against moving quarantine pests within the EU.

What you need in order to apply

  • Prepare all files you plan to attach to your application, such as a map of the facility, images, and manuals.
  • You can use the e-service on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. We recommend that you use a computer or a tablet.

Application fee

The basic charge for processing an application is SEK 700, which includes the first hour administration. Additional time for administration is charged SEK 690 per hour.

The processing time is approximately a month, but may be longer in certain cases.

Visits, checks and fees

The Swedish Board of Agriculture may need to visit your facilities in order to check the premises and how the routines for the work are organised before your permit is granted. The fee for this inspection visit is a basic fee of SEK 3,000, which includes one hour of our working time. Each additional hour for investigation will be charged with a fee of SEK 690 per hour.

Inspection of your activities may also take place while your work are in process. The basic fee for an inspection visit is SEK 3,000, which includes two hours’ work. A fee of SEK 950 per hour will be charged for subsequent work.

More about exemptions for scientific purposes

Quarantine pests or potential quarantine pests may only be handled and stored at facilities that have been designated as confinement facilities. Contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture if you would like your facility to be designated as a confinement facility.

Processing personal data

The Swedish Board of Agriculture processes the personal data you submit in your application in connection with processing permits, checks, statistics, information and for follow-up, evaluation and analysis. The legal ground for processing your personal data is the exercise of public authority. The data is processed electronically. The personal data about you is shared with other public authorities, municipalities and individuals pursuant to EU legislation and regulations.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture will store data in accordance with the rules for archive management by public authorities. Contact our customer service department if you wish to have access to the data we process about you.

Accessibility of the e-service

We want as many as possible to use our e-service. Read about how our e‑service complies with the legislation on accessibility to digital public service, any known accessibility problems and how you can report deficiencies to us.

Revision date: 2023-03-30

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